Drop-in seat, in foam – Part 3

February 12, 2020

21. Next, fix the sides in the same way as the front and back. Trim off excess at sides where seat tapers.

22. Fixing the back corners

Staple the side folds all the way to the back edge of the seat as in picture. Make sure you smooth it round firmly from the front of the seat.

Trim the fabric where it meets the back edge of the seat.

Cut a pointed piece of fabric to come over the edge of the back from the side. (Make it the width of the frame only).

Staple down the point

Trim off the excess fabric

Fold under the edge, so that the opening on the back edge is facing the sides, and so the fold is level with the end of the seat on the back edge.

TIP: When doing this job, use a small pair of very sharp scissors that cut at the point. That way you won’t be tempted to cut too deep. Remembered you can always cut more but you can’t put it back when you have cut too much!

To have a professional touch, when all corners are finished, you can staple some bottoming cloth, black or brown, on to the bottom of the seat. Click here to find it on our website