How to: Fibre or Plastic Tack Strip

February 12, 2020

We are frequently asked questions about how to use some of the products that we sell. The correct item for the job is often not used purely because you don’t know how to use it. Back tack is one of those simple products that give a job that professional finish.

Some back tack is made of vulcanised (hardened) card board, sometimes it is made of fibre and more recently is has been produced in plastic. It is normally about 1/2″ or 10/12mm wide. There is, however, a type of metal back tack , that is not featured in this Hints & Tips, but can be found here

1. After you have taken your inside back fabric around to the outside back of your chair, you may be ready to fix the outside back fabric.

2. Now, temporarily fix your outside back fabric, upside down and inside out, to the top outside back of your chair. The temporary fixings can be either tacked or stapled and need to be placed near to the edge to be fixed, but not above the finished edge once the back tack is turned down.

3. Now tack or staple the back tack keeping it straight along the finished edge position. NB You may use staples or tacks to fix it as shown in this picture.

 4. Pull the fabric down, revealing its correct side – the result is a near invisible join. The bottom can be tacked or stapled to the underside, and the sides turned in/under and slip stitched.