Surface Buttoning

February 12, 2020

This instruction is useful when making new cushions and also if you need to remove surface buttons to dry clean or wash the covers.

1. First mark the position of the buttons with pins on the top and the bottom of the cushion.

2. Cut a piece of No. 4 linen upholstery twine (or nylon button twine) about 15″ long, depending on the depth of the cushion. Thread the twine singularly through the loop at the back of the button.

3.Thread both ends of the twine through the eye of a buttoning needle.

4. Push the needle through the cushion keeping it straight and ensuring that it is heading for your position marked with a pin on the opposite side

5. When the needles reaches the other side, unthread both ends and pull the needle back through from the top.

6. Thread the other button onto the twine at the bottom and tie a simple left over right knot.

7. Apply pressure to the button and pull one of the twines until the buttons pull down to the desired depth.

8. Tie another knot and pull both ends tight until the knot disappears under the button.

9. Snip off the ends of the twine and tuck both ends under the button.

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