Using Edging Profiles

February 12, 2020

Have you ever wondered how to make the edge of foam seats firm? How to make them last longer and stop the foam creeping away from the front edge? Well, here’s a tip on one easy way of achieving this and creating a superb finish …Try using an edge profile.

These come in various diameters with a side or centre flange.
An edge profile can be made of polyfoam or even paper which is remarkably tough.

Pictured below are just some of the profiles/edge rolls.

Just staple or tack the edge roll to the edge of the board or frame

Fit your foam* tightly inside of the profile to create a smooth continuous flow of filling. If necessary you can slightly taper the bottom edge of the foam. You will find that the foam* will need to be slightly higher than the profile as it is softer and will therefore sink into the firmer profile. Just lay a cover of polyester (Luxbond is an excellent brand) over the finished pad, then cover with calico or your top cover.

*I have chosen to use foam as my example but other fillings such as rubberised hair or heavy felts can be used instead

Why use polyester over foam?

Using polyester over your foam serves three purposes. Foam will rot when exposed to UV light and dust, the polyester finish will help protect it from both elements. Furthermore, the top cover will look, feel and behave better when not in direct contact with the foam. Never put velvet or other piled fabrics directly onto foam as the natural movement of the foam may grab the underside of the cloth and strip it of its pile, creating bare patches.