Why use upholstery buttons?

February 12, 2020

Covered Buttons?

What is the difference between buttons made with a press and those that you can make from a kit?

Covered buttons used for upholstery work are pulled tight and therefore are under a lot of pressure. If the tops are not securely home, they will pop off, and your work will be spoiled very quickly. A tightly fitted cover can only be achieved by using a heavy press, as used by the professional.

Our buttons are made using a button press machine with cutters and dies, that produce a very strong button, as the machine forces it closed. For most small businesses, a button press, including the dies and cutters, can be a big investment, which is why we started to offer our covered button service.

Whether you want loop back buttons (the favourite), split prong or nail back, we can make them for you. Just send us a piece of your fabric, allowing about 2” square per button -please do not cut it into squares as we will do that.

When we make the button, we will check if your fabric needs lining in order to make it fit more securely.

Leather Covered Buttons: Leather buttons can be more complicated to cover, due to the thickness of the leather. Leather will normally need to be skived back to thin it, before the buttons can be made. How easy or successful this is will depend on the type of leather, and it does mean that the buttons will cost more to make.

Vinyl Covered Buttons: As with leather, vinyl can be thick; meaning the button making process can be more difficult. This can cause the buttons to spring out. Once upon a time, we could simply remove the backing cloth, but the new types of faux leather are not manufactured in such a way to make this possible.  This means that we will always ask for a sample of your vinyl to test, before we will agree to making your buttons.

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