How To Attach Clips To Pirelli Webbing

July 8, 2019

How To Attach Clips To Pirelli Webbing 

Step 1 – When you use Pirelli webbing, there is a rough side and a smooth side. The rough side goes to the top to stop cushions from slipping, the smooth side to the bottom.

Step 2 – When you have a clip, it has got a little lip on one side and nothing on the other side. The clip needs to be placed with the lip facing the rough side of the webbing, as it is going to go across the chair. If you place the clip onto the webbing so that the webbing goes over the side without the lip, it will actually cut the webbing.

Step 3 – You can attach the clips with a vice. To do this, place the flat side of the clip towards the outside of the vice (towards the handle) and place the webbing in the bottom of the clip.

Step 4 – Tighten the vice onto the clip. However, don’t take it too hard because it is not meant to come all the way through. The teeth are just meant to grip into the webbing. When the webbing and clip goes into the groove across the chair, the rough side is to the top, the smooth side to the bottom. You want to take 10% up on that (the webbing) before you put the other side on to give you a stretch.

Step 5 – When placing your clip on the other side, the process is exactly the same.

Tip – If you do not have a vice, then a pair of pliers can be used to squeeze the clip into place. A vice is much simpler, but the pliers are just as effective.

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