The Importance Of Fire Resistant Interliner

April 8, 2021

Interlining is fabric that is sandwiched between the top fabric and the lining, creating a barrier between the two. 

The most common use for interlining is in curtains and drapes, as it makes them look elegant. Curtains that have this often absorb more sound, provide a barrier against light and insulate against the cold much better than those that are not. 

When applied to curtains it is secured in place with vertical lines of loose locking stitches. Interlining is done by hand and  it can be time consuming, but it is definitely worth it in the end.

Material used for interlining is not too expensive and is often made from recycled fibres, available in different types:

  • Heavy bump – this is a thick cotton-based fabric that gives the curtain’s body that drapes well.
  • Sarille interlining – made from polyester and/or acrylic fibres, it is easier to handle and thinner, meaning it does not drape as well. If fire resistance is essential then this may be the only option, as it is available in a fire resistant version.
  • Domette – this lighter brushed cotton interlining is for smaller curtains. It can also be used on swags and tails, pelmets and valances to give them a soft padded look to match their curtains.
  • Fused lining & interlining – this all-in-one combination of polyester wadding fixed to the back of a conventional curtain lining. It does not drape as well as some others but does provide a black-out affect.

So, why is fire retardant interlining important?

  1. To  Meet Safety Guidelines

There are several reasons why having fire retardant interlining is important, the main being to meet the guidelines set out in the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations, published in the UK in 1988. This is important to follow not only to protect home inhabitants but also because interlining can be used to contain loose fillings like feathers in upholstered furniture. 

  1. Enhances Your Quality Of Life

When interlining is applied to a curtain the material becomes thicker and heavier, this means that sun and noise is blocked out more effectively. This black-out effect helps you achieve a better night’s sleep. 

Not only this, but these curtains will stop smoke from entering your home from outside, leaving you breathing cleaner air. If these curtains are on doors then they will also prevent the smoke moving between rooms as fast should there be a fire.

  1. Help Insulate Your Home

As mentioned before, these curtains are a lot thicker than their counterparts. This thickness means they aid in the insulation of your home, making it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Meaning you won’t have to spend as much on electricity and other fuels.

  1. Slowing Down The Spread Of Fire

Should a fire break out in your home, then fire retardant curtains will at first stop the fire spreading as they are a lot harder to set a light. This will slow down the spread of the fire due to their being a break in its path. 

Even if these curtains do set a light they do not become engulfed in flames like ordinary curtains, they will emit less fire. All of this will give the inhabitants much more time to escape.

  1. Inhabitants Are Kept Safe

This is probably by far the most important reason to buy fire retardant interlining. Due to its hardiness against fire, ability to reduce smoke flow and increased inhabitant escape time, this material will keep its home inhabitants safe.

Investing in fire retardant interlining for your curtains and upholstery furniture definitely had it’s long term benefits, from stopping fire to being aesthetically pleasing. Fire retardant interlining is definitely worth it!

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