Barrier Cloth Flame Retardent


Barrier Cloth 100% Cotton FR to Crib 5 (Source 3) -155cm wd

£8.65 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£10.38 per mtr (including VAT)

BarrierCloth 100%CotFR-Crib 5-Source 3-155cm For min.of 10m+

£7.20 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£8.64 per mtr (including VAT)
M8A    Min. order 10.  

Barrier Cloth 100% Cotton FR to Crib 5 - 50m roll

£284.46 per 50 m rol (excluding VAT)
£341.35 per 50 m rol (including VAT)
M8RL    Currently unavailable.

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This is a type of heavy quality calico used under fixed upholstery fabric. In some cases this is necessary in order to make a non FR top fabric (minimum content 75% natural fibres) conform to British Fire regulations – see FIRA web site for more information.
Please refer to current Fire regulations to confirm that your fabric has the correct content for this to apply

This cloth is made of 100% cotton and meets Crib 5 (Source 3) Fire regulations.

10% off metre price when ordering 10metres or more. Please do not use the lower metre price to order quantities of less than10 metres as your order may be delayed whilst further payment is collected.

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