What Are The Different Upholstery Chair Spring Types?

March 15, 2021

There are many different types of upholstery for seating, from the comfy settee in the lounge to the rigid-backed dining chairs, but every single one of these seats will have springs in the base for support. The size and gauge of each type of spring used will vary depending on the furniture that is being upholstered, to give different levels of comfort – softer or firm.

What Are The Different Chair Spring Types?

There are three types of upholstery springs that are designed for different types of furniture. Springs are usually found in the main body of your furniture piece, covered with padded material to provide a comfortable rest. They provide resilience and firmness, as well as shock absorption for a more prolonged furniture life.

Here are the chair spring types you’ll want to use in your upholstery seating project:

Coil Springs

These upholstery springs are secured using jute webbing, rails or onto wooden bases, with the top of them being tied securely together using jute twine or sewn into hessian. Both just twine and hessian can be used for a doubly secure coil spring fit. 

Zig Zag Springs

A spring of many names – sinuous, serpentine or no-sag springs to name a few. These zig zag springs are installed onto a frame using spring clips, these are fixed in an open position with one centre nail then hook the end of the spring on, fold over and add one more nail. They are usually cut longer than the frame they are being applied to so that they form a crown or arch.

Tension Springs

This type of upholstery spring is often found in mid-century and modern chairs. For them to provide effective support they are usually 10% smaller than the frame they are being applied to. These springs are often fitted with a padded spring cover or spring guard to protect the surrounding material in the furniture. 

There are many different types of springs for you to choose from at JA Milton, simply plan out your upholstery project. Start with your fabrics and filler materials, then when you know what sort of seating experience you want move on to your springs. 

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