Sinuous Spring Clips – Incl Nails

Sinuous Spring Clips – Incl Nails


Sinuous Spring Clips per 3 pairs Incl Nails

£1.64 per pck 6 (excluding VAT)
£1.97 per pck 6 (including VAT)
W6.    786 available.

Sinuous Spring Clips (Excl Nails)

£133.12 per pck5000 (excluding VAT)
£159.74 per pck5000 (including VAT)
W6/KILO.    1 available.

Sinuous Spring Clips 1 inch Fixing Nails only

£11.06 per kilo (excluding VAT)
£13.27 per kilo (including VAT)
W6/NAILS.    9 available.

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Used for fixing sinuous (snake like) springs.
Fix in open position with one centre nail then hook the end of the spring on, fold over and add one more nail.

Sold in pairs or 100 or kilo packs.

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