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Silent Wire - Extra support for Sinuous Springs

£3.19 per 2 mtrs (including VAT)
SPSW    380 available.

Silent Wire - Extra support for Sinuous Springs - 500m roll

£257.98 per 500 m (including VAT)
SPSWRL    1 available.

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Extra Support for Sinuous or Zig-Zag springs (as they are sometimes called), are fixed from front to back on your seat frame. However if the span is too great, a person’s weight can push the springs apart not allowing enough support in the seat base. By simply fixing this wire across the springs from side to side about 6 inches from the front or back it will prevent them from separating and eventually breaking.
The wire will give the seat more support and so make it more comfortable as well as extending the life of the seat. What makes this product different is the soft paper covering which helps prevent noise if metal rubbed on metal.
Fix with border wire clips

This item is available either in a 500m roll or in multiples of 2m (ie: 2, 4 or 10 metres). For example please type in 5 quantity in the box if you require 10 metres (2m x 5 = 10 metres).

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