Animal Hair Filling 100 %

Animal Hair Filling 100 %


Animal Hair (approx 2.2 lb)100%.

£21.00 per 1 kilo (excluding VAT)
£25.20 per 1 kilo (including VAT)
F3.    31 available.

Animal Hair (approx 5.5 lb) 100%

£49.33 per 2.5 kilo (excluding VAT)
£59.20 per 2.5 kilo (including VAT)
F3A.    12 available.

Animal Hair (approx 28 lb )100%

£176.52 per 10 kilos (excluding VAT)
£211.82 per 10 kilos (including VAT)
F3B.    3 available.

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Conforms to BS5852 (Source 2)
The most commonly used hair in upholstery today. 100% pure animal hair (80% Pig/20% Horse Mane). Very soft and good to work with. As an example of the quantity you may use an overstuffed dining chair without springs will use 3 to 4 lb in weight depending on the size and depth of the required pad.

Other options include: Black Fibre,
Fibre/Hair Mix or
Ginger Fibre
Also available are Hessian Pads

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Weight 1.75 kg


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