Border Wire Clips

Border Wire Clips


Border Wire Clips (for wire edge)

£1.46 per doz (excluding VAT)
£1.75 per doz (including VAT)
H4K.    243 available.

Border Wire Clips (for wire edge) Large Pack

£10.50 per 100 no (excluding VAT)
£12.60 per 100 no (including VAT)
H4K-100.    29 available.

Border Wire Clips (for wire edge) BOX3290

£275.03 per box (excluding VAT)
£330.04 per box (including VAT)
H4KBOX.    1 available.

Border Wire Clips (for cane edge)***Ltd Stock ***

£2.19 per per doz (excluding VAT)
£2.63 per per doz (including VAT)
H4L.    10 available.

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These clips are used instead of the traditional way of binding twine to hold the border wire to the edge of the front springs. Just close the clip over the two wires using a pair of pliers.

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