Elastic Webbing


Elastic Webbing 2inches wide 70% Stretch (minimum order 5m)

£1.03 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£1.24 per mtr (including VAT)
W55    Min. order 5.   473 available.

Elastic Webbing 2 inches wide 70% Stretch- BOX-

£278.25 per 1000m bx (excluding VAT)
£333.90 per 1000m bx (including VAT)
W55BX    Currently unavailable.

Elasticated Webbing 2 inches wide 70% Stretch

£33.50 per 100mroll (excluding VAT)
£40.20 per 100mroll (including VAT)
W55RL    4 available.

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A heavy elastic webbing approximately 2 inches wide. Best stapled or tacked into position. Suitable for backs or seats. It has approximately a 70% stretch.

Click here to see how you fix webbing correctly on our Hints and Tips page

Please note you must order a minimum of 5 metres and one quantity is equivalent to 1m so please enter a number accordingly if there is a minimum order amount

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