Pirelli Webbing


Pirelli Webbing Beige 2inches wide (minimum order 2metres)

£10.75 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£12.90 per mtr (including VAT)
W3    Min. order 2.  

Pirelli Webbing 2 inches Wide Beige Roll

£465.82 per 50m roll (excluding VAT)
£558.98 per 50m roll (including VAT)
W3A    Currently unavailable.

Pirelli Web Clips 2 inches

£4.04 per pack 12 (excluding VAT)
£4.85 per pack 12 (including VAT)
W4    36 available.


2 inches wide beige colour rubber webbing. Usually fixed by clips (W4) into grooves but can be fixed directly to a wooden rail with tacks or staples. Used in most Cintel and Parker Knoll chairs. It can be made narrower by cutting with scissors. Allow approx. 10% take up.
Please note one quantity is equivalent to 1m so please enter a number accordingly if there is a minimum order amount

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Weight 0.35 kg

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