Natural Pre – Twisted Rush


Natural Pre Twisted Rush 5 Kilo

£225.00 per 5 (excluding VAT)
£270.00 per 5 (including VAT)

Natural Pre Twisted Rush I Kilo

£40.32 per 1 kilo (excluding VAT)
£48.38 per 1 kilo (including VAT)

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Pre-twisted real rush. Natural pre-twisted strands of rush. The Colour starts off as a green/grey/beige and then mellows to gold with time. <BR
You would be best to have some experience in rush work as this is a difficult material to use.

A rough guide to quantity required.

A footstool (11 inches sqr) will need about 700 grammes, an average dining chair (14 inch x 15inchs) with slim rails will need approximately one kilo of material, a large carver will need between 1.25 and 1.5 kilos.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

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