The Small Upholstery Toolkit


Small Upholstery Toolkit Free Tool Box & Tacks

£102.00, now £96.90! each (including VAT)

Small Upholstery Toolkit with Bronze Magnetic Hammer

£156.00, now £148.20! each (including VAT)

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With FREE Toolbox & Tacks

More and more people are turning to repairing their furniture. This is why we are offering 3 different toolkits for every skill level. You will need these tools so you can master the craft.
Each Kit comes with FREE tacks and a FREE toolbox

This very basic toolkit is ideal if you have a small piece of furniture to restore. You will need all these tools to complete the job properly.

This kit includes:

Magnetic Hammer

Wooden Mallet

Webbing Strainer

Tack Lifter

Staple Remover

This Kit also comes with FREE tacks and a FREE toolbox

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Weight 5.5 kg

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