The Ultimate Upholsterers Toolkit

The Ultimate Upholsterers Toolkit


Ultimate Upholsterers ToolKit-FREE--Tool Box-Tacks-Deliv

£247.73 each (excluding VAT)
£297.28 each (including VAT)

BeginnersUpholstery Toolkit SAVE with FREE Tool Box & Tacks

£137.21 each (excluding VAT)
£164.65 each (including VAT)

Small Upholstery Toolkit SAVE with FREE Tool Box & Tacks

£73.98 each (excluding VAT)
£88.78 each (including VAT)

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SAVE over £66 and also includes FREE delivery*

FREE Tacks
FREE Toolbox box

More and more people are turning to repairing their furniture. This is why we are offering 3 different toolkits for every skill level. You will need these tools so you can master the craft.

This toolkit is ideal for all people serious about upholstery. Whether you are a tutor or have a love for the craft this kit will suit your needs. It would also make a great and different gift for someone you know who loves upholstery.

Kit includes:
Bronze Magnetic Tack Hammer
Webbing Strainer
Tack Lifter
Osborne Staple Remover
Cranked Ripping Chisel – London Handle
Hide Mallet
Specially Grounded Down Steel Pincers
Curved Spring Needle
Set of 4 Regulators
Set of 4 Semi-Circular Needles
Set of 3 Upholstery Needles

This Kit also comes with FREE tacks and a FREE toolbox worth OVER £57 and FREE delivery!!*

*Free delivery only for UK Mainland postcodes. Click here to see if you qualify for free delivery

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