Vehicle Trimming Accessories

Upholstery isn’t just for home furniture, but the interior of your car too!
Get started reupholstering your car trim with our vehicle trimming accessories range, with some basic products you will need to make your interior look as good as new. Our scrim foam is backed with fabric on one side, making it ideal for topping with your choice of leather or vinyl for a quilted look that can be finished off with piping cord under the top fabric.
Some car seats rely on hog rings to secure the upholstery, so make sure you have the right vehicle trim tools with our hog ring pliers. A firm squeeze clamps the ring into place, as simple as that for a classic finishing look.
Looking for the right fabric to upholster your car interior with? Checkout our range of upholstery fabrics, leathers and hides, so that you can restore your car trim to its former glory.