How To Replace The Webbing On A Chair

April 29, 2019

Do you have a favourite chair that has recently lost the support under its cushion? Replacing the webbing on your chair is a great way to bring it back to life when it’s unable to be used, as well as ensuring it continues to provide support and comfort to the user.

There’s no need to throw away your old, loved chair when you can mend it!

Finding Your Webbing

Before you start mending the webbing of your chair, you’ll need to remove the cushions to get a clear idea of how the chair has been webbed previously and what the best webbing to use is. Once you know what sort of webbing you’ll need why not peruse through our selection of webbing and tools to find the best for you?

Top Tip: Don’t forget to order tacks to hold the webbing in place!

The First Step

When you come to re-web your chair, make sure to take a picture of what the webbing looks like before you remove it. You don’t want to do all that hard work just to find that it’s not how it should be!

Once the old webbing has been removed you can finally begin to bring new life to your beloved chair.

Let The Webbing Begin

Step 1 – Fix the webbing to the first side of the frame, ensuring that your tacks are not fixed in a straight line otherwise this may cause the wood to split.

Step 2 – Try using an M or W formation. When fixing the two tacks on the outer edges try to get them as close to the edge as possible as this will make sure that the webbing is as taught at the edges as it is in the middle.

Step 3 – Now bring the webbing across to the other side of your chair frame, securing good, even tension. To keep this tension, fix your first tack in the middle, before placing the next two tacks on the very edges. Maintain the tension whilst doing this.

Step 4 – To finish off your first piece of webbing, cut the webbing from your roll allowing a turn over of about 30 to 40mm and place the last two tacks as if finishing off the M or W pattern you began with the first three.

Then repeat over the rest of your chair until all your webbing has been done.

A simple but effective way to rescue your favourite chair, eliminating the need to throw it away! If you would like further advice, please contact our team on 01691 624023.