How To Surface Button A Cushion

May 15, 2019

There are several ways to breathe life back into an old cushion or to add the finishing touches to a cushion you have made, but surface buttoning is by far the most classic way to add a simple but charming finish to your cushion.

This finish can be achieved with one button in the centre on each side or with several strategically placed for effect by you.

Before you begin adding your button to a cushion you will need to choose which buttons you want to add and make sure you have all the equipment you need to do this. You will need:



Upholstery twine



A Tip Before You Start: Whilst thread can be used to button a cushion, twine is better as it is less likely to break due to wear and tear.

Once you have all the equipment you need and have chosen your button, all you need to do is follow the below steps to add finish to your cushion:

Step 1 – Mark the position of where you want to place your button with an ordinary pin on both sides of the cushion.

Step 2 – Then cut a piece of upholstery twine (linen or nylon) about 5 to 12 inches long and thread it singularly through the loop on the back of your button. The length you cut can depend on the depth of your cushion.

Step 3 – Thread both ends of the twine through the eye of your needle.

Step 4 – Push the needle through the cushion on the opposite side to where you marked the cushion with a pin, ensuring that you keep it straight as it goes through.

Step 5 – Pull the needle all the way through and unthread the twine.

Step 6 – Insert the twine though the loop on the next button for the other side of your cushion and tie in place with a simple knot.

Step 7 – Then apply pressure to the button, pull one of the twines until the button pulls down to the depth you would like, and tie another knot to fix the buttons in place.

Step 8 – Tidy up by cutting off the ends of the twine and tucking them under the button.

We hope these steps have provided the help that you require in order to surface button your cushions! If you would like further advice or information, please contact our team on 01691 624023.