How To Reupholster A Leather Sofa

September 24, 2019

Having a leather sofa or chair is usually a great addition to any room. However, over time, these shiny, new sofas begin to look old and tired. Why spend money on a new one, when you could breathe life into your old one by reupholstering it?

Follow our 17-step guide to reupholstering your leather sofa, and it’ll look as good as new!

Step 1 – To remove the old leather from the sofa turn it upside down and remove the existing staples.

Step 2 – Separate each piece of old leather, so that you can use these pieces as a template.

Step 3 – Lay the new sheet of leather face down on a flat, level surface. Then, place the old pieces face down on top.

Step 4 – Pin in place.

Step 5 – Use an electric fabric cutter to cut out the new pieces, then remove the pins.

Step 6 – Place the piece of leather for the back of the sofa where you want it and staple into place along the back-top edge.

Step 7 – Position the front piece into place by flipping the leather over face down draping it down the back.

Step 8 – Staple on top of the back piece, across the top edge of the sofa.

Step 9 – Flip leather back over the front.

Step 10 – Pull the leather back tightly down and staple in place in the corners. Then, staple into place at the sides and on the inside of the bottom back piece.

Step 11 – Place each arm piece onto the sofa and staple in place on the inside and outside of the back.

Step 12 – Place the bottom front of the sofa piece onto the front and staple into place by flipping the leather over on top, stapling along the front edge. Flip it back over and staple underneath the front of the sofa.

Step 13 – Attach the remaining open sides on the back piece to the sofa, covering the back of the arms.

Step 14 – Staple underneath the sofa to fix the leather into place.

Step 15 – Seat Cushions:

  • Cut the pieces for seat cushions and pin together with the faces facing in.
  • Sew a 5/8-inch seam along the front and sides, leaving the back of the cushion open.
  • Sew the zip onto both sides of the opening.
  • Turn the seat covers the right way around and place the foam inside.
  • Zip up the seat cushions.

Step 16 – Finish by hammering tacks in a line along the bottom front edge and arms to give the sofa that classic look.

Step 17 – Enjoy your newly upholstered leather sofa!

Now that you know how to do it, create the look you want with a reupholstered leather sofa.

If you would like further advice or information on reupholstery, please contact the team at JA Milton on 01691 624023.