Why Use Flanged Cord?

August 20, 2019

Flanged cord is decorative cord that is used to add a finishing touch to the seams of cushions, seats and headboards by giving a rolled trim. So, why and how should you use flanged cord?

Nothing quite finishes off a pillow like a smooth, clean edge and this can be achieved by sewing flanged cord into any seam.

The equipment you will need:

Find out below how to sew flanged cord into a pillow:

Step 1

Prepare all the pieces of your pillow by cutting them to size and adding any zips if required.

Step 2

Pin the flat fabric piece of the flanged cord to the outer edge of one pillow piece, placing the cord so that the stitching is in line with the project’s seam allowance and leaving a couple of extra inches at the start of the cord (leave this bit unpinned).

Step 3

When you reach the starting point, leave the remaining flanged cord a few inches long (unpinned).

Step 4

The ends of the flanged cord overlap, so keep the end of the cord out of the way when you start to sew it to the pillow.

Tip: use a regular zipper foot and stitch on top of the stitching on the flanged cord, as this will enable you to sew against the round part of the flanged cord.

Step 5

When you have reached the end point, take the unpinned flanged cord and overlap it on top of the first, sewn down flanged cord. A small little “v” where the two meet is the desired effect.

Step 6

Trim excess flanged cord.

Step 7

Place the next layer of fabric for your pillow on top of the first, with the right sides facing together and line up the outer edges, pinning them in place around the pillow.

Step 8

Using the same zipper foot as before, stitch the pillow pieces together on the seam allowance.

Step 9

Once you are happy with the sewing and placement, turn your pillow case the right way around.

Step 10

Poke out the corners.


Enjoy your finished cushion.

Putting finishing touches onto a pillow case doesn’t need to be complicated, with extravagant buttons, simply sewing some decorative flanged cord into the seam can give your cushion the luxury feel you’ve been looking for.

We hope these steps have provided you with the information you need! If you would like further advice or information, please contact the team at JA Milton on 01691 624023.