The Uses Of Scrim Foam

February 17, 2020

Scrim foam is a fabric backed foam that is normally used in vehicle trimming when making car seats, car headlines and carpets. It makes the finish look more professional and is used to soften hard surfaces.

Scrim foam is suitable to be used as backing for a top fabric, leather or vinyl to create a quilted finished look, making the material thicker and softer.

You may use scrim foam in a variety of vehicles to help them look their best! Domestic vehicles that scrim foam can be use in include:
– Cars – passenger car headliner
– Door cards
– Upholstered camper van walls

Despite the usual uses for scrim foam, there are other upholstery projects that it can be used for.  It can be used for a much simpler upholstery task such as your dining room chairs or for upholstering other hard surfaces.

Due to its versatile nature and ease of use with any material of choice, it is perfect for using when upholstering hard surfaces, such as a dining room chair, creating a more comfortable set of seats for the whole family.

Top Tip: When upholstering with Scrim Foam, sew through all layers and create a heavy top stitch for a rich professional effect.

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