Blind |seam Profile (Double Piping Cord)


Blind Seam Profile (Double Piping Cord) 5mm-Plastic(Min 5m)

£1.36 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£1.63 per mtr (including VAT)
YDD    Min. order 5.   569 available.

Blind seam Profile (Double Piping Cord) 5mm Plastic 300mtr

£204.00 per roll (excluding VAT)
£244.80 per roll (including VAT)
YDDRL    1 available.


This product is commonly known as ‘blind seam profile’ as it can be used to conceal a seam on fixed upholstery work.

It can also be used and sewn as double piping cord to produce a stiff edge profile on fixed work.

See also soft foam double piping cord. As to which type you use, this can be dictated by how well either work with your fabric.
Please email for a sample and we will be pleased to supply a short length of each type. However, please note a special double piping foot will be needed if you wish to sew fabric to these cords.

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