Twisted, Pre-shrunk Cotton Piping Cord

Twisted, Pre-shrunk Cotton Piping Cord


Cotton TwistedPipingCord Preshrunk No8(Minimum order 5 mtrs)

£0.22 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£0.26 per mtr (including VAT)
Y2.    Min. order 5.   1110 available.

Cotton Twisted Piping Cord-Pre-shrunk No 8- by the full Cop

£18.65 per aprx205yd (excluding VAT)
£22.38 per aprx205yd (including VAT)
Y2A.    6 available.


There are two varieties of pre-shrunk cotton piping cord.

There is the No. 8 a twisted cord, code Y2, which is approximately 3 to 4 mm diameter. Most suitable for loose covers and light fabrics.

Mminimum Order of 5 metres)

For Vehicle Trimming Piping cord see Vehicle Trimming in Product Index.

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Weight 0.01 kg


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