Making Sure You Have The Right Upholstery Tools for Every Project

July 28, 2021

There is a tool to suit every task when it comes to upholstery, whether you need something manual or electric there is a great range of options available. So, if you know you need something to get your project off the ground, but you’re not sure what, we can help! 

We have many tools available to suit your needs, below are some examples of key tools you definitely need in your kit. 

Awls & Chisels

Our bradawls not only feel good in your hand, but have a wonderfully fine 1mm tip making it useful in many types of crafts. In upholstery they can be used to create a pilot hole for fancy nails and because it is fine at the point it won’t oversize the hole.

It is a matter of preference whether you prefer straight or bent (cranked) chisels. Our fatter London style handle is much easier to use and helps to prevent hitting your hand with the mallet. The cranked chisels we offer are at a good angle for removing old upholstery and tacks. Knock the end of the handle with the hide or wooden mallet to remove old fabric and tacks.

Ripping Out or Stripping Down Tools

As well as the chisels talked about above, there are many more tools that are used to rip out or strip back old upholstery to make way for new, updated fabric and materials.

Our tack lifters and removes are hardened and tempered to prevent breakage, with a rugged plastic handle for heavier use and more leverage. Ideal for ripping out as well as tack removal, so you can try temporary tacking (only knocking tacks part way home) until you are sure you have the correct position. Then if you need to move the tack it is easily lifted out with this tool.

Staple removers are another must have upholstery tool. These are great for removing complete staples in one action when used on its side and twisted. They will even remove staples with a very narrow shoulder or that are deeply embedded in the wood. Use with or without a mallet, be sure that no amount of twisting or turning will loosen these handles.


Not only do we offer individual tools, but we have put together handy upholstery tool kits so that you can make sure you have everything you need. From beginners and small kits to our ultimate upholsterers toolkit, there is something to suit every skill level.

The beginners kit is ideal for those who are looking to repair furniture and take up upholstery as a hobby.

Our small, basic toolkit is ideal if you have a small piece of furniture to restore. 

An ultimate toolkit is ideal for all people serious about upholstery. Whether you are a tutor or have a love for the craft this kit will suit your needs. It would also make a great and different gift for someone you know who loves upholstery.

There is a tool for every job in our online store, so check out our range of upholstery tools and never be without the one you need again!